How To: Stop soda from fizzing by tapping it with your finger

Stop soda from fizzing by tapping it with your finger

Does tapping on the lid of a soda can before you open it really stop it from fizzing? Try tapping a shaken soda can at home with your finger. Watch this how to video to see if this urban legend is true or not.

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this has got to be the stupidest video. Who the hell needs to watch (or make) a video about taping on a god damn soda can? It's not rocket science on how it works. #$%@in idiot.

I think that this video was excellent. It is good reference for those who are preparing for a science project. Well done!!!!

What a poorly conducted experiment. The tapped can did not fizz because it sat unopened longer, allowing the carbonation to return to solution. Next time, open the tapped can immediately.

The tapped can forces CO2 bubbles that adhere to the inner surface of the can to detach and rise to the top of the can. Thus, when you open the can and quickly reduce pressure, the bubbles don't force up through and carry liquid, they escape instantaneously.

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