How to Prevent prostate cancer with the perfect morning health shake

Move over November, Movember is here to stay. Join the fight against men's cancer and grow your own moustache. But that's not all. Movember is a time to learn about staying healthy, and more importantly… being healthy! In this video, you'll learn how to prevent prostate cancer with the perfect morning shake.

Combine a little green tea, some pomegranate juice (essential!), coconut water (because of all the electrolytes and low calories), seasonal berries, a banana (because of the potassium), citrus rind (which helps reduce tumors if you have cancer), flaxseed (for the omega-3), oats (for fiber), and then choose either a soy protein powder or whey protein powder. Blend and enjoy!

The National Cancer Institute research shows that as much as 50% of cancer risk may be related to diet. Chef Beth Ginsberg demonstrates easy ways to eat healthy and reduce that risk.

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