How To: Prepare refreshing "spa-like" drinks with Brooke Burke

Prepare refreshing "spa-like" drinks with Brooke Burke

When entertaining, it's great to have fun, colorful ideas to make drinks feel special. By adding a simple slice of fruit or vegetable to a glass of water can impress your friends and make you feel like you're at the spa. It is very important to drink water, and flavoring it with lemon makes it easier if you're not a water drinker. The host cuts slices of lemon and lays them on top of the water or the side of the glass to garnish, and squeezes the rest of the juice into the water. It can be made and served immediately or kept in the fridge for days and will actually get better over time. The host suggests when making lemonade, add cleaned, cut, frozen strawberries to the glass so when they melt it will flavor and color to the lemonade. Flat water, sparkling water, or alcoholic beverages can be used depending on your wants and needs.

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