How To: Make a smooth and creamy Irish car bomb

Make a smooth and creamy Irish car bomb

In this video, we learn how to make a smooth and creamy Irish car bomb. First, take a Guinness glass and put a half pint of Guinness into it. After this, let it set and grab a shot glass. Fill it with half Bailey's and half Buchlums. After this, drop the shot into the glass and drink up! Drink the entire thing until you have the shot. This should be creamy and very smooth as you drink it through. Make sure you drink it all, then you will have the full taste of it and it will be fresh in your mouth!

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I bet the family's of the Enniskillen bombing victims are thrilled about the name of this drink. I guess its origin is America having come across it over there. I wonder if the people who like this drink could swallow a Twin towers plane bomb?

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