How To: Make old fashioned lemonade

Make old fashioned lemonade

Let's see how to make old fashioned lemonade.
This will be a great entertainer on a hot summer day.
You need the following ingredients to prepare the lemonade.
4-6 fresh lemon. Make sure it is fresh so that you will maximize the juice.
You might need a juice extractor (You can use any tool to extract it. The demonstrator uses a electrical juice extractor).
A cup of hot water.
Add sugar to taste. (Use organic sugar if possible because its healthier).
A heat proof container. You need this to mix the hot water with sugar.

Mix the sugar with water.
Once it's dissolved, add the lemon juice.
Add just one cup of juice.
Stir it well until it mixes with the sugar.
Add cold water and then stir it.

Earlier we used hot water so that the sugar is dissolved properly.

You now have a tasty and healthy lemonade. You can add more sugar to make it sweet or add more lemon juice. It all depends on your tastes.

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