How To: Make distilled water at home

Make distilled water at home

This video shows us how to make distilled water for your carnivorous plants, such as a Venus Fly Trap.

First, you fill a kettle with water from the tap. Heat on your stove top for a good 8 minutes or until it starts to steam and boil.

Take the top off the kettle, but keep it boiling. Use a plastic bowl to quickly put over the kettle. Keep it there for about five minutes.

The steam will be caught and trapped by the plastic bowl. All the steam will turn to liquid, which is your distilled water.

The minerals and chemicals in tap water will die out in the steam. It's a difficult process to capture the steam.

Take your plastic bowl off the kettle and quickly put the lid on it, sealing it tight. The steam will turn to water, then use this to water your plant!

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Absolutely not! First off by putting a plastic bowl in the heat ur putting chemicals in the water. Second the steam needs to be rapidly cooled with ice . Please do not instruct people of something you clearly are uneducated in.

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