How To: Make a Cappuccino with an Espresso Maker

Make a Cappuccino with an Espresso Maker

Cappuccinos are Italian beverages that are made up of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. An authentic cappuccino tastes delicious—the warm, tasty beverage will melt you away. Now, let's learn how to make it.

Supplies (2 servings)

  • Espresso maker (around 30 dollars)
  • Fine espresso coffee grinds
  • Frother (usually comes with espresso maker)
  • Frothing pitcher (stainless steal)
  • Filter holder + filter (usually comes with espresso maker)
  • Cool water
  • Cool milk
  • Glass pitcher (for coffee)

Step 1 Prepare

  1. Put the filter inside the filter holder.
  2. Fill coffee grinds to the 2-cup mark (about halfway).
  3. Press the coffee grinds down to compact it.
  4. Fill the machine with your desired amount of water.

Step 2 Brew

  1. Now, place the filter holder sideways where the coffee would come out of the machine. Make sure the filter fits and the handle is pointing sideways.
  2. While the filter is snugly in, turn the handle TOWARDS YOU so it locks into place.
  3. Place the glass pitcher under the filter so the coffee will go into the pitcher.
  4. On the side of the machine, slowly turn the knob to "brew".
  5. Wait about 3-5 minutes, until espresso is done.
  6. When done, turn knob to "off".

Step 3 Milk

  1. Now, get your stainless steel pitcher ready with the desired amount of froth in your cappuccino.
  2. Once the espresso is finished brewing, place the frother, immersed in the milk, so the tip is just above the bottom of the pitcher.
  3. Turn knob to "froth".
  4. The steam will make the milk bubble; steam the milk for 40 seconds.
  5. After 40 seconds, move the frother up to the tip so the frother is just in the milk, making the froth for about 15 seconds.
  6. When finished, slowly turn the know to "off".
  7. Don't let the milk rest; keep it in circular motions.

Step 4 The Cappuccino

Now with the espresso poured into a mug, pour the steamed milk and froth. You can even make latte art!.



  • Make sure to clean up when you're done, especially the frother, for it contains bacteria milk.

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