How To: Make Arabic (or Turkish) coffee

Make Arabic (or Turkish) coffee

Enjoyed throughout the Middle East, Arabic coffee is deliciously rich, and easy to make at home. Watch this video to learn how to make Arabic (or Turkish) coffee.

You Will Need

* 3 c A long-handle Turkish coffee pot, called an ibrik
* 1 tsp Dark-roast coffee, ground as finely as possible
* 1 1/2 tsp Sugar
* 1/2 tsp A crushed cardamom seed
* 3 c Espresso-size coffee cups

Step 1. Fill pot with water

Fill the pot with one-quarter cup of cold water for every cup of coffee you want to make, plus an extra quarter cup of water.

Step 2. Add coffee and stir

Add one heaping teaspoon of grounds per quarter cup of water. Add the cardamom, if using. Stir in the sugar – about one teaspoon for every two teaspoons of coffee grounds. Stir until the sugar dissolves.

Step 3. Heat the mixture

Place the pot on very low heat. Don't stir or move the pot, but monitor it carefully while holding the handle. Heat the pot as slowly as you can – the slower the heat, the better the coffee will taste.

Step 4. Remove from heat when coffee froths

After a few minutes, the coffee will suddenly start to froth and rise quickly. As soon as it does, lift the pot off the heat until the froth subsides.

Step 5. Repeat and remove

Let the pot heat and froth up again, then a third time, lifting it off the heat each time before it boils over.

For the special froth that makes this coffee distinct, don't ever stir the coffee.

Step 6. Let settle

After the coffee bubbles up three times, turn off the heat and let the coffee pot sit for a couple of minutes so the grounds and sediment settle.

Step 7. Pour coffee and enjoy

Fill each small cup about a quarter full to distribute the froth evenly. Then, go back and fill the cups with the rest of the liquid. Leave the rest of the water in the pot with the sediment. Enjoy!

FACT: In many Middle Eastern countries, Arabic coffee is served at the end of a guest's visit to signal that it's t

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1 Comment

Although I can say these steps are right and ensures that you will get the coffee you've always loved, but I dropped here to fix some article mistakes :

  1. Arabic coffee is different from what you've explained (Turkish Coffee) which
Image via

is not dark, but It is more yellowish than the Turkish coffee (This is served in many Arabic countries: Arabian gulf countries, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan).

  1. The Turkish coffee does not add cardamom or Saffron
  1. Arabs serve the coffee as soon as guest arrives so that he feel welcomed.. also it is served with date fruit and sweets..

The preparations is almost the same ... wait until it froths then repeat more than 2 times

Finally, Coffee is deeply carved in our tradition, serving the coffee is like honoring ...

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By: Arabian Traveler

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