How To: Brew a pot of Indian ginger cardamom chai

Brew a pot of Indian ginger cardamom chai

How to brew a pot of Indian Ginger-Cardamom Chai:Jean007pat shows us how to make Indian ginger-cardamom tea (chai). You will need a mug of milk, two tea-bags, a pot, ginger, shredder, strainer, pliers, cardamom, stone crusher (to crush the cardamom), sugar to taste and one and half mug of water. Put the pot on the stove and light the stove. Pour one and half mug water into this pot. Add the tea bags and sugar as per your need into this water. Add ginger into this boiling water. Let it boil and brew it till it turns brown in color. Now, add a mug of milk to this tea and brew it again for sometime. Add cardamom and brew again. If you want your tea to be a bit stronger you can brew it for some more time as per your need. Now switch off the gas and remove the tea from the stove using pliers. Strain it using strainers and pour the tea into two mugs. There you are guys!!! Your tea for two people is ready.

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