How To: Distill your own water at home

Distill your own water at home

In this video, a man shows us a Do-it-yourself method of distilling water. You will need heat resistant containers, tubing, and a rubber washer. You need to run the tubing through the rubber washer, and place that on top of the heat resistant beaker. Then, you use a container (any will do, as long as it's bigger than the beaker) and cut 2 holes for the rubber tube to tunnel through the container. Next, you add ice water to the now tunneled container, and run the tubing to the last container to catch the water. After all this is done, you set the heat resistant beaker onto your stovetop to boil the water inside, which creates steam, the steam will travel through the tubing, into the ice water, and condense, then flow into the final container (stored slightly lower than the rest of the set-up).

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Nice job. You have the right idea. You could improve the condensing efficiency of your ice bath, and make your system more compact by eliminating the need for the external icepack. Simply coil the exit tubing inside the ice bath for as long as you can. This increases the contact length of the exiting steam with the cooling bath. Part of your problem is the poor thermal transfer properties of the flexible tubing. You can compensate for this by increasing its length. Thanks!

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