How To: Brew and bottle your own delicious beer

Brew and bottle your own delicious beer

This video describes how to Brew and bottle the own delicious beer. First gather some amount of "Grains" and Grind them well and add them to the "Kettle". Add "Malt" and "Honey" with grains and stir it up well to mix together. Now take "Hops, Scoop Cinnamon sticks, Allspice, Nutmeg and Vanilla in a grain sock" all together and add to the Kettle. Wait for some time to boil it and sample some beer to test it. Now transfer the "Wort" to "Barrel" and pitch the Yeast and keep the beer for two weeks for "Fermentation", that means conversion of Carbohydrates to alcohols. The levels of the Brew determine the alcohol content and the batch will be about 8.5% alcohol. After two weeks wash and sanitize the bottles well and fill the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the beer into the bottle. Add the "Cap" and check for a good seal and label it. Now Enjoy your own beer.

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